Contact Lens Care/Info

1) At the side of the bottle is the expiry date. The expiry date refers to the solution in the bottle. Check the date to make sure the lens are not expired before opening. In the unlikely case they are expired they will of course be replaced straight away.

Check all other info on the bottle (On the lid will be the prescription) to make sure you have the correct order before opening. Examine the bottle for any serious damage make sure it is not broken or cracked. Look through the bottom of the bottle and check you have the right lens and that they are not damaged. Opened contact lens cannot be returned!! 

2) Make sure you always clean your hands before touching the lens. Hygiene is the most important thing when it comes to wearing circle lenses. Wash your contact lens case with multipurpose solution then fill ¾ of both storages with the solution.

Clean the lenses by putting the lenses on your palm, put a few drops of multipurpose solution on them and rub them by using cotton buds or your fingers. This will help remove any germs.

Transfer the lenses to the lenses case and soak the lenses in the multipurpose solution for 8 hours before wearing. Repeat every each time you want to store the lenses.

3)  Inserting and wearing your lens.

1. Prepare a mirror.

2. Wash your hands with non scented soap and dry it off to avoid germs contacting with your lenses. You are recommended to have short nails to prevent damage to lenses.

3. Take the lenses out using your index finger.

4. Check if the lenses are inside out. Your circles lenses are supposed to have a cup like form with upright edges instead bend outward.

5. Pull down your bottom eyelid slightly with one finger and insert the lens into the eye with the other hand. Blink until adjusted comfortably. 

4) Removing lens. Lenses should not be worn for more than 8 hours, do not sleep or shower in lens! 

1. Clean your hands with non scented soap and prepare a mirror just like the first step in inserting your lenses. 

2. Slowly bring your index finger to your eyes until it touches the lenses. Do not blink.

3. Slides down the lens to the white part of your eye.

4. Squeeze the lens between your thumb and index finger and remove it.

5) There are certain rules that you need to abide when wearing circle lenses to ensure a safe and fun experience.

Don’t wash your circle lenses using tap water as this may cause contacts with germs. Always use multipurpose solution to clean the lenses and change your solution in the storage every day to avoid germs growing. 

For the same reason, change your circle lenses case every three months.

To avoid eye infections, use only Left lens for left eye and Right lens for right eye. Most of lenses cases will be mark either outside or inside the lenses storage with letter L for left and R for right. In certain cases, an individual may have different prescriptions for different eyes, and these indicators will avoid any mix up when storing or using the lenses. If the lenses cases did not provide left and right indicators, please use creative means, to label them.

If your eyes feel dry, Use eye drops to moisturize dry eyes 

Store the lenses at room temperature.

Never wear lenses for more than 8 hours.

Avoid corneal ulcers and eye infections by not sleeping with your lenses in.

If you are going for a swim or sauna, do not wear lenses.

Don’t share your lenses with your friends or acquaintances.

•      Do not open your eyes during the usage of aerosol spray.

Remove lenses if you feel any forms of discomfort.

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